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Sara Scott originates from England, and moved here with her family in 2014. She has worked in Adult Mental Health and Children’s and Families Services since 2006. Sara holds qualifications in Social Work,

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Sara Scott originates from England, and moved here with her family in 2014. She has worked in Adult Mental Health and Children’s and Families Services since 2006. Sara holds qualifications in Social Work,

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Sara Scott originates from England, and moved here with her family in 2014. She has worked in Adult Mental Health and Children’s and Families Services since 2006. Sara holds qualifications in Social Work,

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BScHons Dip HPsych

Sara Scott has worked in Adult Mental Health and Children’s and Families Services since 2006. Sara holds qualifications in Social Work, Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, specialising in Adult Mental Health and Relationship Counselling.


Sara is currently specialising in working with Individuals to enhance their satisfaction in life, whether struggling with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Trauma, Motivation or Confidence problems. 

Sara works from a Solution Focussed perspective and feels it a privilege to work alongside others in their journey as they continue to grow and develop a greater understanding of their world and the world of others and gaining a sense of belonging in the world around them. 

Sara has SWRB, ACC, WINZ, EAP & Rural Support Registration and is also accepting Private & GP Referrals for Individual, Relationship and Family Therapy.

Individual Counselling Sessions


The Couch offers Individual Counselling sessions for




Family Relationship or Communication Problems

Loss and Grief

Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Social / Performance Anxiety / Loss of Motivation

Isolation and Loneliness

Health Issues



Sometimes you may not be able to source support and understanding you need from family and friends, so at those times it is helpful to meet with an independent counsellor to work through these challenges. Click here to find out how to book a session



Booking Sessions


An Initial session may last between 60-90 mins to allow plenty of time to discuss the things that are important to you.


Follow up sessions last 45-60mins


Private sessions $140 plus GST

Group facilitation and mediation $300 plus GST, per hour


Make an enquiry online


Phone to Book


Please see our Fees page to see if you could qualify for funding.



Relationship / Couples Counselling


Relationships are a blessing and provide us with understanding connection and Support. Three of our greatest needs as a human being. A good relationship therefore brings us a lot of happiness. For a relationship to grow through the natural development stages we undergo personal growth. Some relationships can sail through these phases of growth without awareness, but for most couple’s awareness is the key in developing a strong and stable relationship.

When we feel understood and connected, we are motivated to develop other areas of our lives. Without these supports we lose motivation and can withdraw from the things we enjoy.

Sometimes our relationship skills, communication skills and emotional intelligence need upskilling to meet the needs of our relationships. Seeking the support of an experienced counsellor  in an un-biased – no fault environment, where you can resolve issues if the relationship is meeting challenges or heading off track.

We make it easy to get help early. Too often couples leave it till they are bringing their relationship into the emergency room, so it is never too early to seek support.

If you are noticing recurring problems, or unresolved difficulties this could be the best time to give your relationship a boost and come in for a relationship health check.










Both Sara and Wayne have extensive training and experience in mediation, and can offer services from 

Family, relationship and separation resolution

Mediation for arrangements for children

Wayne is a member of AMINZ and the Resolution Institute and can act as the Voice for the child at mediation and family dispute resolution meetings

Sara has extensive Family Group Conference experience and can facilitate conferences to help negotiate arrangements for children.

Mediation for Finances

Mediation for Employment Disputes

Mediation for Employment Disciplinaries


Arrangements for Children

  When relationships breakdown the parents immediate concern is how to ensure the separation doesn’t have a negative impact on the children.

We help you work together and focus on how to make the separation as manageable and positive as possible so that the children adapt quickly and thrive on having two homes. Putting the children’s needs first in the first few months is crucial in managing the tough emotions that accompany their loss. 

At the Couch we offer qualified support and advice for developing a parenting plan where couples share responsibility for the children, and also advocacy for the children to be able to express their thoughts and concerns around the separation. In times where responsibility has become a subject of the court, we offer support for assessments and consent orders throughout the family court process.


We offer a facility of Mediation to develop a Parenting Plan agreement.

We offer support and advice if you require a Parenting Consent Agreement / Order







In Good Company

You spend a large part of your life at work, so it is important that the work environment recognises and takes responsibility for our wellbeing. A Poorly managed work environment can be highly stressful and disorganised, exploitative of goodwill and lacking in positive workforce engagement. All this negativity impacts on service delivery to your clients and customers.

A sustainable organisation has a positive work environment that supports people to be physically and psychologically healthy,by managing any issues of mental health well, and promoting mentally healthy behaviours.

This includes Wellbeing Policy, Workshops, Training champions within organisations, Team Building activities, Individual wellbeing assessments and Interventions.


Appointments:  ( Button)


Lets Get Started


There are several pathways to appointments. These are:


Private Referral – make Direct contact to check availability and fees for type of engagement. See fees guide below.


GP Referral – WINZ funded – Means Tested, Ask your GP for referral form. 


GP Referral – Urgent private referrals please ask GP for priority private referral.


ACC – Sensitive Claims. This can be made direct or through GP


Relationship Counselling – Private referrals accepted.


EAP – Referrals through your work EAP provider. 


Company Wellbeing Programme – Direct contact for initial consultation.


Further Private referrals may be made through other services including:


Waitaha / Pegasus – Can Refer clients engaged for Brief Intervention Counselling for further support. Check with your Counsellor.


Oranga Tamariki - Relationship Counselling  - Make a request through your Case Worker


Presbyterian Support – May recommend and make an Individual / Relationship Referral to Sara Scott, Ask Case Worker.










Fees Page


Help with Costs


GP WINZ funded up to 10 Sessions Part / Fully Funded (Means & Circumstance Tested)

ACC Fully Funded

EAP Fully Funded Sessions

Rural Support – Ask your local coordinator

Private Individual Session: $140 per hour plus GST

Group facilitation/mediation: $300 per hour, plus GST

Relationship Counselling: First Session is a double session $250 Following sessions $ 140

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THE COUCH is proudly based in Methven New Zealand.  We strive to support local businesses and encourage sustainable development that protects our kiwi way of life.


Wayne has 19-years experience in conflict management including, organisational-ombuds, mediation; conciliation; restorative justice facilitation; conflict coaching and conflict analysis / complaints system design, with organisations throughout New Zealand. 

He has a Master of Arts degree in Conflict Transformation from the Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia, US.

Wayne takes a systems approach to organisational change and the management of conflict. He brings ‘fresh-eyes’ to organisations wrestling with diversity issues and supporting values of inclusion, collaboration and participation. 

In 2019 Wayne was recognised by the Resolution Institute of Australia and New Zealand for his contribution to community peacebuilding with the ‘Michael Klug’ award.

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