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You spend a large part of your life at work, so it is important that the work environment recognises and takes responsibility for our wellbeing.


A Poorly managed work environment can be highly stressful and disorganised, exploitative of goodwill and lacking in positive workforce engagement. All this negativity impacts on service delivery to your clients and customers.

A sustainable organisation has a positive work environment that supports people to be physically and psychologically healthy, by managing any issues of mental health well, and promoting mentally healthy behaviours.

This includes Wellbeing Policy, Workshops, Training champions within organisations, Team Building activities, Individual wellbeing assessments and Interventions.

Mindfulness & Yoga Workshops

Sara & Lisa Invite you to join our

6 Week Trauma Sensitive Yoga Class in Methven

Next Class starts on the 14th August 12-1.30pm

The course will create a Safe and Calming space to help Reset the Parasympathetic system, giving time and space to the mind and body using breath, gentle movement, and mindful meditation to fully embody a calming reset. Over the course of 6 weeks we will reset each week, and practice entering into a healing state of relaxation. Once this is established we restore confidence and ability to manage our daily routine in balance.


This course is to help restore the impacts of Trauma to a state of calm. By bringing conscious awareness to our breath we are able to reconnect with our body, and enables us to slow down our internal operating system to a natural rhythm. Practicing our natural rhythm of being present & relaxing consciously assists in establishing our physical and mental healing, and creates confidence in our ability to manage this healing rhythm ourselves.

Previous Clients have found this course helpful to help alleviate symptoms of Exhaustion, Chronic Pain, Mental ‘Fog,’ Adrenal Fatigue, and Vagal Nerve Shutdown. All common symptoms of PTSD and the over worked brain in the hyper aroused or dissociated state.

We draw upon the influences of Polyvagal Theory, Neuroception & Interoception, Mindfulness, Paced Breathing, Relaxation & Meditation for a Vagus Nerve Reset.

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