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Both Sara and Wayne have extensive training and experience in mediation, and can offer services including:

  • Family, relationship and separation resolution

  • Mediation for arrangements for children

  • Mediation for Finances

  • Mediation for Employment Disputes

  • Mediation for Employment Disciplinaries

Wayne is a member of AMINZ and the Resolution Institute and can act as the Voice for the child at mediation and family dispute resolution meetings.

Sara has extensive Family Group Conference experience and can facilitate conferences to help negotiate arrangements for children.

Learn more HERE about Arrangements for Children which are available in Christchurch, Methven and Ashburton.


When relationships breakdown the parents immediate concern is how to ensure the separation doesn’t have a negative impact on the children.

We help you work together and focus on how to make the separation as manageable and positive as possible so that the children adapt quickly and thrive on having two homes. Putting the children’s needs first in the first few months is crucial in managing the tough emotions that accompany their loss. 

At the Couch we offer qualified support and advice for developing a parenting plan where couples share responsibility for the children, and also advocacy for the children to be able to express their thoughts and concerns around the separation.


In times where responsibility has become a subject of the court, we offer support for assessments and consent orders throughout the family court process.

We offer a facility of Mediation to develop a Parenting Plan agreement.  We offer support and advice if you require a Parenting Consent Agreement / Order.

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