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We have services to offer individuals, couples, families and companies from one to one counselling, relationship counselling, family work and for developing a wellbeing plan for your business and your employees.

This includes policy development, well being workshops, training champions, team building and individual sessions and interventions that improve communication throughout the organisation.

This is an exciting time where people are more aware and accepting of the need to take care of our physical and psychological wellbeing and feel empowered to reach out for practical support.


Support is offered in a non- judgemental solution focused model. Where your counsellor can offer confidentiality, and privacy.


Our Counselling services are available in Christchurch, Methven and Ashburton.


Sometimes you may not be able to source the support and understanding you need from family and friends, so at those times it is helpful to meet with an independent counsellor to work through these challenges.


Our Individual Counselling services include:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Family Relationship or Communication Problems

  • Loss and Grief

  • Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Social / Performance Anxiety, Loss of Motivation

  • Isolation and Loneliness 

  • Health Issues

  • Addictions



Relationships are a blessing and provide us with understanding connection and support. Three of our greatest needs as a human being. A good relationship therefore brings us a lot of happiness.


For a relationship to grow through the natural development stages we undergo personal growth. Some relationships can sail through these phases of growth without awareness, but for most couple’s awareness is the key in developing a strong and stable relationship.

When we feel understood and connected, we are motivated to develop other areas of our lives. Without these supports we lose motivation and can withdraw from the things we enjoy.

Sometimes our relationship skills, communication skills and emotional intelligence need upskilling to meet the needs of our relationships.


Seeking the support of an experienced counsellor  in an un-biased – no fault environment, where you can resolve issues if the relationship is meeting challenges or heading off track.

We make it easy to get help early. Too often couples leave it till they are bringing their relationship into the emergency room, so it is never too early to seek support.

If you are noticing recurring problems, or unresolved difficulties this could be the best time to give your relationship a boost and come in for a relationship health check.

Services Strip


Methven has the only Equine Assisted Therapy centre in the Ashburton District. With an established herd of horses, that are part of a breeding program. Sara Scott has been practicing Equine Assisted Therapy for over 15 years, and has worked with individuals families and groups. In Touch with Horses offers a great experience, which when combined with Psychotherapy becomes a Therapeutic model for exploring relationship dynamics, personal development, and has a great calming ability to help manage anxiety and regulate emotions.

In Touch with Horses currently offers private individual and family sessions working with horses. These are popular in working on family dynamics, communication skills and resolving conflict in relationships. In touch with horses runs group experience days where skills explored are Mindfulness and Self Development. These can be stand alone courses, or also combined with Yoga and Meditation as day and weekend retreats.

Also available under ACC sensitive claims individual sessions for working with PTSD and Trauma.

New in 2020 we will be running Mindfulness with Horses courses. Please enquire for more details.


Spending time being In Touch with Horses gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself through the mind of a horse, which is a metaphor for others. Horses are honest and present in the moment, and during our fun exercises with horses we are able to learn through their unbiased response to us more about ourselves.

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