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The Couch was formed in 2019 to group together individual practitioners to create a team with a wealth of professional experience and skills. 

Our therapists have been selected to provide confidential, non-judgemental support to help develop mind and body wellbeing, coping strategies and life skills.


We have many years experience in Mental health, Mediation and Life Coaching, and all work in the field of Wellbeing.


Our Counselling and Corporate Support Services are available in Christchurch, Methven and Ashburton.

The Couch team includes:

Counsellors / Psychotherapists

Mediators / Facilitators and Conflict Coaches

Policy Writers

Social Workers


Equine Assisted Therapists


Mindfulness & Yoga Therapists


Massage Therapists

Our services help Individuals, Couples, Families, Companies and organisations from one to one counselling, relationship counselling, family work and wellbeing plans for businesses and their employees.


Individual and relationship counselling sessions are available in Christchurch, Ashburton & Methven and company wellbeing programs are available throughout Canterbury.

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Our Team
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Lisa Kirby.jpg

Lisa Kirby

Transformational Yoga

Abi Ricketts 

Equine Behaviour and Relational Specialist

I have been teaching Yoga on and off since 2013.  Currently I teach a range of classes in Methven including Beginners, Flow, Hot and Yin Yoga. 


Physical injury and pain are what led me to Yoga initially, but after noticing improvements to overall Well-Being, I discovered the real value in this life-changing practice.

Slowing down allows us to ‘be’ within ourselves and observe the thoughts and feelings that arise.


We give ourselves time to ‘sit with’ emotions and take notice.  This is where the real transformative benefits are for Health and Well-Being.  Modern lives are busy but there is immense value in scheduling time to turn inward.


Benefits of a regular mindfulness practice include learning how to breathe through discomfort and cope with stress and anxiety.


I am honoured to be facilitating Transformative Yoga classes for you to enjoy. 



B. Ed.

Dip. Health Science

Cert. Rudolf Steiner Education

Certified Yoga Teacher

Around 16 years ago I discovered Natural Horsemanship and learnt there was a huge amount of opportunity to extend my knowledge and skills in a different way taking a look at life from a horses/ponies point of view in turn gaining a deeper understanding of the equine world in its natural form and how we can relate it to the domestic lives we ask them to live. 


I have found in doing this it has been a way of being, as well as communicating,  with them that enhances respect, safety and leadership from both the human and the animal enabling a fun filling long lasting partnership to occur.


In my teaching I aim to combine everything I have learnt over the years from all I have experienced with horses and ponies both from the traditional method I began with to all I have learnt the Natural way.

I have National Certificates in Horse Trek Guiding (Level 3), Animal Care as well as Veterinary Nursing.  I also hold Australian Natural Horsemanship (ANH) Certificate 1 and 2 and Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) Level 1.

Ingrid Gunby.jpeg

Ingrid Gunby

Equine Assisted Therapist and Learning Practitioner

Ingrid Gunby has worked as a therapist and personal development coach since 2009, and since 2014 has included horses in her practice, offering equine-facilitated therapy and experiential learning programmes for individuals and groups. Her work is an expression of a life-long love of horses, and curiosity about what we can learn from them.


Ingrid has 20 years’ experience in public policy and strategy roles, and holds Advanced Facilitator certification from the Academy for Coaching with Horses in Colorado, USA. She is currently training in the Conversational Model of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with ANZAP (the Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy).


Ingrid specialises in supporting people to integrate mind, body and spirit in the wake of trauma, and to transform their relationships with others and themselves through authentic, compassionate communication.


Yoga Flow.jpg

Flow  Methven

Transformational Yoga and Retreats

Flow Pool + Studio is located near Methven, and has been created with the intention to cater for better community health and connection. It stems from a passion of being in, on or near the water and finding solace in a state of flow.


The holistic wellness hub will provide a unique space to enhance the Maori Philosophy of Hauora, allowing a balanced interplay between the physical, emotional, social and spiritual elements crucial in attaining wellbeing. With its hydrotherapy pool and purpose built studio, a wholesome range of activities and therapies are available including yoga, pilates, physiotherapy, dietitian, aquacise, flotation therapy, infrared sauna and spa pool.

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