If you would like to make an appointment directly for any of our services, you can confidentially call 03 302 8872 or email

There are several pathways to appointments which you can find HERE

For personal appointments, an Initial session may last between 60-90 mins to allow plenty of time to discuss the things that are important to you. Follow up sessions generally last between 45-60mins.

For Corporate or Group sessions, please call or phone us to discuss your specific requirements.




Our confidential and private Individual sessions are available in Christchurch, Ashburton and Methven.

Rate Per Hour




Group bookings can be made for a range of services from Team Building to Mediation and Conflict Management. 

Rate Per Hour




The first Relationship Counselling or Mediation session is two hours at a cost of $275. Each subsequent session is charged at the scheduled rate.

Rate Per Hour




  • GP WINZ funded up to 10 Sessions Part / Fully Funded (Means & Circumstance Tested)

  • ACC Fully Funded

  • EAP Fully Funded Sessions

  • Rural Support – Ask your local coordinator


  • Private Referral – make Direct contact to check availability and fees for type of engagement. See fees guide below.

  • GP Referral – WINZ funded – Means Tested, Ask your GP for referral form. 

  • GP Referral – Urgent private referrals please ask GP for priority private referral.

  • ACC – Sensitive Claims. This can be made direct or through GP

  • Relationship Counselling – Private referrals accepted.

  • EAP – Referrals through your work EAP provider. 

  • Company Wellbeing Programme – Direct contact for initial consultation.

  • Further Private referrals may be made through other services including:

  • Waitaha / Pegasus – Can Refer clients engaged for Brief Intervention Counselling for further support. Check with your Counsellor.

  • Oranga Tamariki - Relationship Counselling  - Make a request through your Case Worker

  • Presbyterian Support – May recommend and make an Individual / Relationship Referral. Ask Case Worker.